Sometimes I find myself with places that mark me positively. Some of them are little known and only some know how to find them, so I'll leave you here some tips so that you can enjoy these "hidden paradises".

Somewhere between Palvarinho and Salgueiro do Campo (two small villages in the district of Castelo Branco), on one of my bike rides in the late afternoon, I discovered this fantastic landscape. low sun, behind the pine tree, has created a very interesting color game with the various mountains behind. Definitely a magical place!

Since 1571 the annual fair of São Martinho or Golegã fair has been held, also known as a National Horse Fair or International Lusitano Horse Fair and this year I was there!

Says the legend that Monsanto suffered a great siege for seven long years by the Romans and when the food was already scarce, in an act of despair, they threw their last heifer down the cliff to demonstrate to the enemy that they would never overcome them by hunger. The invaders convinced, abandoned the siege. As well as maintaining...



Algures entre o palvarinho e o salgueiro do campo (duas pequenas aldeias no distrito de Castelo Branco), num dos meus passeios de bicicleta ao fim da tarde descobri esta fantástica paisagem. O sol já baixo por trás do pinheiro criou um jogo de cores muito interessante com as várias serras por trás. Sem dúvida um lugar mágico!