Summer skies in Beira Baixa


On a hot summer night in Aldeia de Santa Margarida, I decided to go out with a group of friends to photograph the stars. As it was almost a new moon and there was no light pollution around here, the perfect conditions were in place for a fantastic astrophotography session!

After some photos, I was surprised by one of those present who indicated a privileged and unique place to take gorgeous photos. Without hesitation, I accepted the invitation, and around 1 a.m. we went to that place. After walking for a few minutes with the lights off, in one of the oldest and most enigmatic villages on Beira Baixa, our eyes began to get used to the darkness and the sky seemed more and more starry. I felt that I was in front of a mythical and imposing place when I looked up and saw the high boulders and the stunning wall of a castle. We stopped several times to try to understand if we were in fact alone.

Upon arrival at the castle, the astonishment was great (so great that I immediately fell to my knees, LOL!). Thinking about all the stories and legends behind this place while watching all those bright spots that painted the sky... Then I understood the magic of Monsanto, a place that leaves me simply speechless.

It was here that the real photo shoot in the skies of Beira Baixa began, in the picturesque village of Monsanto.

We were there at least two hours, between stories, explanations about the stars and lots of photos... in the end, we left there feeling a little tired but with complete joy, thank you Titi!