2022, 16 countries in 16 photos


Travels in 2022

In the year 2022, I had the opportunity to visit 16 countries spread across 3 different continents, Europe, Africa, and America. As I have to juggle editing photos and writing texts for each location with studying for the upcoming college exams, I decided to make a compilation with a photo of each place visited that I leave here.

Portugal 🇵🇹

- "Eternal spring"

This is how a friendly Croatian cafe owner described our country. I really couldn't be more right, we may have many faults but we have an enviable climate compared to all other European countries!

Here is a picture taken in Cacela Velha, a small village in the Eastern Algarve.

Spain 🇪🇸

In 2022 I visited Seville again, despite having been there several times, the energy of this city is contagious and always makes me want to return! The photo below was taken at the Real Alcázar in Seville.

Morroco 🇲🇦

This was not the first time I visited Morocco, as I had already visited Fez and Saïdia but I had been wanting to visit Marrakesh and climb the Atlas for a long time. The infernal confusion of the Medina and the contrast of the Atlas in the background, with the highest peaks painted in white, were undoubtedly the most striking points of this trip. The photo I leave here was taken in the Ourika Valley.

Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

Back on the island, it was my 5th trip to this country that I have a special fondness for, specifically the 2nd to the Samaná peninsula. For me, this remains one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited, full of magnificent beaches and nature. The chosen drone photo was taken on a walk on Playa El Anclón.

Italy 🇮🇹

Italy was the country I chose to do Erasmus. The chosen city was Padua (already thinking about the strategic location for future trips 😂), a calm and pleasant city where the tomb of our dear Santo António of Lisbon is located. I had the opportunity to visit Padua, Verona, Ferrara, Rimini, Bologna, Bolzano, Citadella, Milan, Lake Como, and other locations such as Florence, Pisa, Siena, and Venice.

The photo I leave here was taken on one of my visits to the canals of Venice.

San Marino 🇸🇲

San Marino, officially the oldest sovereign state in the world, gifted me with one of the most magnificent sunsets I've seen this year. The photo I leave here was taken from the top of Monte Titano and has the second tower of San Marino in the background.

Austria 🇦🇹

Austria was one of the countries that surprised me. I had the opportunity to visit Salzburg and Vienna, the first a smaller city located in the middle of the Alps, the second an imposing metropolis full of charm. Here is a photo of the emblematic Vienna Opera House.

Germany 🇩🇪

On my first trip to Germany, I visited Munich, the capital of Bavaria. This trip had a special flavor because it was marked by the trip to Oktoberfest, the biggest beer festival in the world, something I will never forget. Here is a photo taken from the top of Peterskirche to Marienplatz.

Slovenia 🇸🇮

I visited the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and the emblematic Lake Bled, where I climbed to the Mala Osojnica viewpoint, from where I contemplated the immense surrounding landscape. Here is a picture of this hotspot!

Slovakia 🇸🇰

In Slovakia, I only visited the capital, Bratislava, where I could walk through the streets and climb up to the City Castle. At the end of the day, I crossed the Danube to the opposite bank of the historic center and went up to the UFO Tower. Here is a picture of the view.

Switzerland 🇨🇭

Located in the south of Switzerland, very close to the border with Italy, Lugano is a city surrounded by mountains and bathed by a lake with its own name. Here is a photo taken next to Lago di Lugano.

Estonia 🇪🇪

Walking through the historic center of Tallinn takes you back to medieval times. Here we can find the oldest pharmacy in the world, several medieval-style cafes, and a well-preserved wall. Here I leave a picture of Viru Gate.

Finland 🇫🇮

Helsinki, my debut in the "Nordics". It is a city that more than monuments is a lesson in organization, detail, and simplicity. Here is a photo with the Upenski Cathedral in the background.

Poland 🇵🇱

I visited Wroclaw with the Christmas markets already in place, which together with the colorful buildings in the central square provide an overwhelming Christmas spirit.

Hungary 🇭🇺

Budapest was the third city that gave me views of the Danube. Imposing and with many points of interest, it is a city that I would like to revisit at a slower pace. Here is a photo taken at one of the viewpoints on the way up to the Citadella.

Croatia 🇭🇷

Finally, I visited Zagreb, a city that didn't particularly surprise me, but it stayed in my memory because it started to snow shortly before returning to Padua.

And that was how the year 2022 was, the year I traveled the most to date. There are many good memories of landscapes, cities, and people... Here's to 2023! 😄