Ocreza seen from the sky


Aerial footage of a tributary of the Tejo River

One winter morning, during my short university vacation, I was in Palvarinho, my grandparents' village, located near Castelo Branco, and I decided to go to the Ocreza River, next to the road that connects Castelo Branco to Salgueiro do Campo. I took my drone and my camera with me in case I found something I found interesting. I consider this area to be quite pleasant due to the fact that it has several very old rocks already quite "filed" by time on the riverbanks and the small waterfalls that embellish its flow. Despite having already visited this place on several occasions and knowing it well, I had never tried lifting the drone to get an aerial perspective of this area. So when I got there I decided to lift it up and see what was around me but seen from the sky. I was amazed!! After all, the river was even more jagged and asymmetrical than I imagined. The rocks all have a very polished and rounded profile, a sign that they have suffered a lot from erosion. I was also able to observe some buildings next to the river bank, in ruins, and one of them would be an old mill, used, in ancient times, to grind wheat, rye, and corn, a sign of human presence in these lands since ancient times.

Here I leave some images that I captured that day as a souvenir :)