Canyon of Nazaré


Nazaré, the sanctuary of giant waves!

One autumn morning I left Lisbon with some friends towards Nazaré. It was the first time I was going to watch the famous waves from the Nazaré cannon, which did not disappoint. The canyon consists of a huge underwater canyon, located next to Nazaré. The sea current slides along the fault with great speed and when it meets the huge wall of the canyon, it forms the giant waves of Nazaré. The affluence at the site was greater than we expected, for this reason, we had to look for a good observation point.

In fact, the majesty of the sea is surprising, seeing waves over 20 meters breaking is something I will certainly not forget. Seen from up here, the surfers are just small black dots in the middle of the foam and giant waves that move around. Aided by jet skis, they try to catch the biggest wave to see their name written in the record books.

Here I leave some images that I consider impactful.

On land, in these days there are always means of assistance prepared to help in case of need.

At the end of this experience, I can only thank those who accompanied me on this day, João, Mariana, and Afonso for the experience lived.