As I love photography, I try to find moments, animals, nooks, motifs, or details to shoot. Sometimes, in addition to my travels, I go out with camera in hand with high expectations, trying to capture the moments and the world around me through my camera. I do not intend with this blog to influence or fall into commonplaces, but to give my perspective on the places I visit. Here I leave my vision of the world around me.

If there's a city where everything seems to fit perfectly into the landscape, it's Lisbon. The river would not be the same without its monuments and they would not be the same without the river...

Cuban classics


The first thing that intrigued me when I first arrived in Cuba was the classic cars, which made me feel as if I had stepped back in time almost a century!

7 sailboats, 11 stages, more than 80,000 km, these are the photos from another passage of the Volvo Ocean Race through Lisbon, in its 2017-2018 edition, before departing for Cape Town.

Sometimes, even though the days are shorter, the autumn and winter colors do not lose their beauty. Here I leave some examples.



For these pictures, I only needed a glass of water, strawberries, and a lot of patience. Hope you like it!