Cacela Velha, the charm of Ria Formosa


Yes, there are still places like this, where the beauty of the day or night almost deserves to be kept a secret!

Cacela Velha

As usual on vacation, I decided to grab the bike and go photographing. This time the location chosen was Cacela Velha, a small fishing village in the Eastern Algarve about 20 km from the border with Spain.

The foundation of this small place occurred in quite remote times, with signs of the passage of Greek and Phoenician navigators and later of the Romans themselves. Legend says that after the reconquest of Cacela by the Portuguese from the Moors (in 1240), 7 Christian knights were killed. For this reason, D. Paio (who had led the reconquest of Cacela), filled with fury consumed the reconquest of Tavira!

Here, it is possible to walk and appreciate the magnificent landscape while drinking a coffee or eating ice cream in one of the few restaurants in the village or even going down to the beach. If you want to go to the beach on the other side of the estuary, it is necessary to take one of the several boats available there or in the town next to it, "Fábrica".

The points of interest in this locality are the fortress of Castela, whose construction began in 1770, the mother church built in 1518 and later rehabilitated after the earthquake of 1755, in 1795, and the dazzling viewpoint that provides us with a view of more than 180º from the border with Spain, to the famous Ria Formosa.

Next to Ria Formosa...

By looking carefully and patiently at the landscape of the estuary we can find sea birds and other animals of the most varied species... Here are some photos!


Located about a kilometer from Cacela, Fábrica is a small place where we can find several fishermen with their boats that sometimes transport tourists to the beach on the outer side of the estuary.