Formula 1 


Heineken Portuguese Grand Prix 2020

A dream came true in Portimão.

Sometimes dreams come true and if there are moments in life you can't forget, this is one of them.

By participating in a Honda Portugal giveaway, I managed to be one of the winners of the much-desired ticket. Not even the storm of Bárbara prevented me from lifting the coveted trophy and preparing for the journey to the south.

If I had been told 6 months ago that I would see a Formula 1 race live, I would never have believed it, on the one hand, due to the times we live in, and on the other hand, this grand prix was not even confirmed in Portugal. This event was put together in 3 months and in a country that hasn't hosted F1 for 24 years, let's be honest, we have to give your organization a standing ovation!

Everything was happening at a pace that I'm still trying to fit in... From the announcement of the return of Formula 1 to Portugal to getting to know about the Honda Portugal giveaway to sitting at the Algarve International Racetrack, everything happened very quickly. Witnessing live this circus that I got used to seeing on television on Sundays since I was born didn't seem real to me, it felt like magic.

But that's how it was, on the day of the race I got up early and headed towards Portimão. I arrived exactly when the Racetrack opened its doors, even so from the exit of Via do Infante to the Racetrack the route was already done in line, where the GNR was managing (and well) the traffic.

When arriving at the enclosure, the adrenaline was in the air and more and more fans were arriving, all with the same passion and emotion of feeling the races live.

GT Cup Exhibition Race

The weather wasn't cold but it was threatening to rain, which for me wasn't bad because maybe it made the race even more interesting.

The day at the track started with Race 2 of the GT Cup Exhibition Race around 09:15 to 09:40.

Prototype cup

Then it was time for the Sports Prototype Cup Race 2 between 10:20 and 11:00.

Formula 1

And finally, the organization of the main show, which started with the preparation of all the details of the track.

After "The Portuguese", finally the start of the 66 laps of the F1 Portugal 2020 Grand Prix between 13:10 and 15:10.

Ballet of the turn of presentation and dance of the human frame on the floor...

Five red traffic lights off and the race started!

Lewis Hamilton overtook Valtteri Bottas who gave the Englishman the victory in the Portuguese Grand Prix.

Just like on a catwalk, the cars were parading one by one, showing all their beauty in the Algarve mountains.

Win 92! Beat record.

Unbelievable but another world record was broken, and in Portugal.

Next stop, win 100!

I left for the end a special thank you to everyone who helped me to be one of the winners of the Honda Portugal competition and especially to Sandro Mêda, director of MotorClassico Magazine, he was the main person responsible for making the dream come true! Thank you!