A day in Golegã


Since 1571, the annual Fair of São Martinho da Golegã has been held, today also known as the National Horse Fair and International Lusitano Horse Fair and this year I was there!

At the invitation of Mendes Gonçalves, I had the pleasure of visiting Golegã, which had there a big party and where I was excellently received and got the opportunity to witness the pride of people in their roots.

To start the day, we could try horse riding and get in touch with these magnificent animals whose beauty is difficult to describe.

The village of Golegã presents details that delight those visiting it for the first time. Probably something that those who live there don't even notice... Genuine and typical of Portugal!

Sometimes at these kinds of events, we can note that much of what is shown is "manufactured", but here in Golegã, the whole village lives in this environment naturally. More than words, here are more images... For me, expectations were completely overcome.

Under an autumn sun, the best specimens are part of a parade in the central square, displaying poses that delight the audience. It impresses the affection and respect with which animals are treated by all.

São Martinho arm-in-arm with Golegã! I was there! LOL

In this orderly chaos, it is felt that this party was prepared very well in advance, and a lot of sweat flowed between the men and animals before appearing to the visitors. These moments of great elegance are a privilege that impressed me.

Tertúlia is a special corner where memory is the word that comes to my mind.

All the beauty of the village of Golegã here in some delicious details! LOL

Upon returning home, I found myself thinking about how proud I felt for what I had seen on the day I spent in this small town in central Portugal.

Now it remains the responsibility of being another Golegã ambassador in the world. Count me in!

Thank you all!