Sintra village, Moorish Castle, Cabo da Roca and Blue Lagoon.


Sintra village, Moorish Castle, Cabo da Roca, and Blue Lagoon.

Known as a land of fairytales and magic, the village of Sintra is for me one of the most beautiful and mysterious places I know. Whenever I visit it, I discover new details and I get that feeling of being the first time I've met it... Day or night we can visit the village, discover castles and palaces, the westernmost point of Europe, or the beautiful beaches that even with cold water have very particular beauty. Discovering this area is a bit like building a puzzle and always getting to know a little more.

The many centuries of history and the mix of cultures and people that passed through here are reflected in the details of the shadows, colors, houses, and cobblestones on the streets and alleys or in the lush vegetation that surrounds the entire mountain range and only ends in the blue of the Atlantic Ocean. In Sintra's posts, I will start a journey where I will try to show all its beauty through my camera, throughout the year.

In these photos, I tried to capture the colors and shadows on a late summer afternoon and evening.

Built on one of the peaks of the Sintra mountain range, the wall of Moorish Castle offers a breathtaking panoramic view that extends to the blue of the Atlantic Ocean. Without any doubt, it is a place to visit.

 Another place of great interest in the Sintra area is Cabo da Roca. This is where the old continent ends and the Atlantic begins, being the westernmost point of continental Europe. For me, this is another magical place, as the game of colors, shadows, and emotions conveys a special aura.

Before arriving at Cabo da Roca, a mandatory stop is the Blue Lagoon, where we can enjoy the great tranquility and beauty of this small hidden paradise.

*The pictures are taken by me and do not present any type of edition.