Logbook in "Beira Alta Raiana"IV


IV-Fishing Day


Throughout the description of this trip, I sometimes spoke of Almofala. This remote village was our starting point for all these adventures that I have been relating. Located in the district of Guarda, municipality of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, very close to the border with Spain, it is a peaceful village typical of the interior of our country.

We started the morning with energy, as it was a special day. It was our friend Francisco's birthday and so we were having lunch at the restaurant O Lagar, in Escalhão.

Upon arrival, we came across a typical restaurant, where we were very well received and were able to enjoy a tasty meal, a beautiful duck rice.

At the end we all posed together for a photo, to later remember.

After a nice meal we returned to the "base", we returned to Almofala and we all went together by a great car to the dam for a long afternoon of fishing. We had the pleasure of going by UMM, the iconic Portuguese-made jeep.

We spent the afternoon at the Santa Maria de Aguiar dam, inaugurated in 1981. The dam is located next to the road that connects Almofala to Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo. This was the chosen place for us to try our luck. A lot of patience was needed and in the first area where we cast the bait we were not lucky and so we continued to walk through the reservoir in an attempt to find some fish.

Since the fish insisted on not showing up, we took the opportunity to socialize and take some pictures, while we continued, patiently, waiting for some mistaken fish to take the bait.

Initially, and because I had never fished before, I started to observe, enjoy nature and take some pictures, while some of my friends tried their luck, but since no fish took the bait, I decided to try my luck too. And isn't it that shortly after, the first (and last) fish of the afternoon finally appeared?!!! The happiness after so many hours of waiting was indescribable. Here are some photos of that moment immortalized with the animal weighing approximately 20 to 30 kg! :)

At the end of the afternoon, João, like a navigator, decided to get on top of the floating platform and let himself go to discover... there we had to wait for the current to bring him back to the shore.

Here I leave some idyllic pictures of the area, which I took throughout the afternoon.

And the icing on the cake was this magnificent sunset, in the Serra da Marofa area!And the icing on the cake was this magnificent sunset, in the area of Marofa mountains!