Cacela Velha seen from the sky


The Algarve coast and in particular, the Ria Formosa, presents phenomenal landscapes, full of fauna and flora. Here, in the Cacela Velha area, the famous Algarve estuary begins, which extends to the Faro area.

One afternoon in February, I left Altura by bicycle, with a group of friends who were on vacation, Mêda, Jota, Berna, and Tim. We cycled from Altura to Manta Rota and from Manta Rota to Cacela Velha, about 6 kilometers. In the bicycle basket, I took my drone, already with the idea of capturing aerial shots of this place, which I consider magnificent.

I started by photographing the view over the small village of Cacela Velha and its Mother Church. The building of this place of religious worship dates back to the year 1518, on the same site where there had been primitive medieval buildings. It later suffered heavy damage during the 1755 earthquake and was later rebuilt.

In addition to the small village, I took the opportunity to let the drone fly to the sea area... In fact, this is a place of enormous beauty.

There is a great contrast between tides, at low tide it is possible to cross to the barrier island on foot, at high tide the crossing will have to be made by boat (or for the brave ones by swimming). In our case, as it was winter, we stayed with the panoramic view of the wall of Cacela-Velha.

After enjoying the view, we took the opposite route, covering the 6 kilometers that took us to Altura.