Altura, a special place on the Algarve coast, Portugal


An old fishing and agricultural village, Altura is nowadays a seaside place in the south of Portugal, located between Manta Rota and Praia Verde, a few kilometers away from Spain. Praia da Alagoa (the name of the beach in Altura) has an extensive sandy area, which provides long walks, and, at low tide, lagoons are formed, which probably has given the name to this area. The water around here is some of the warmest in Portugal and the fauna is quite interesting (you can find many seagulls, beach sandpipers, crabs, small starfish, and many types of fish). Sometimes you can see dolphins migrating offshore. In addition, this is a beach awarded with the blue flag and is full of shells and small pebbles which delight tourists. It is frequent to see locals collecting conch shells and sometimes trawling boats, very close to the coast. In summer, the sea is almost always calm, but the easterly wind (currents that come from the Strait of Gibraltar - or Southeast) is frequent, where you can take the opportunity to catch some waves!!

As for the town itself, it is small and quite pleasant, mostly made up of houses with one or two floors which feature details characteristic of the south of the country. An example of this is the typical Algarve chimneys. The fact that it is a very flat place, makes bicycle rides for all ages without major concerns. For the most fearless, you can go to Tavira without traveling on the E.N. 125! In the summer, the nights are always very busy with the streets full of people enjoying the calm and tranquility of this small place on the Algarve coast.

In terms of gastronomy, this is the ideal place for lovers of fresh fish, as you can count on a wide variety of fish, from sea bass, anchovies, sardines, horse mackerel, bream, tuna bellies... etc. All fish with enormous freshness and quality. But if that's not your case and what you prefer is a really good piece of meat, don't worry! There are several places where you can enjoy yourself, such as Infante, a restaurant next to the entrance to Altura on the EN125 where you can taste dishes with a divine presentation and above-average quality (the prices are also a little above average hahaha, for example, a meal where you eat a cutlet or some veal medallions (from Barrosã) won't cost you less than 25/30 euros)!

One of the things you should do at least once here is get up very early and go watch the sunrise! In summer, the sun rises almost over the sea, in Spain, right behind Monte Gordo, and it is painted in deep orange tones! Take a look at the photos!

*The pictures are taken by me and do not present any type of edition.