Golegã-Portugal, Lusitano Breed at all


Since 1571 the annual fair of São Martinho or Golegã fair has been held, also known as a National Horse Fair or International Lusitano Horse Fair and this year I was there!

With the invitation of Mendes Gonçalves I had the pleasure of visit Golegã, which was celebrating and where I was excellently received and witness of the pride of its people in its roots. Just wonderful...

Here starting the day, riding a Lusitano horse! It's amazing...

The Golegã village presents us with a genuine portuguese environment... some details delight those who come from outside like me! I am not an horses expert but even so it is not difficult to understand that many hours were invested in the preparation of this event. Is indeed very special.

Sometimes in these events it's noticed that much of what is shown to us is "fabricated" but here in Golegã the whole village breathes and lives this environment naturally. More than the words, here some more images .... to me expectations completely outdated!

Under an autumn sun, the best examples showcase the possessions that delight the audience in the central square. The affection and respect with which horse are treated by everyone and impresses.

Saint Martin side by side with Golegã! I've been there!- LOL

In the midle of this orderly chaos it is felt that this feast was prepared well in advance, and much sweat poured out among the men and the animals before they appeared decked out before the visitors. These moments of great elegance are a privilege that impresse.

On my return home, I found myself thinking about the pride I felt from what I had seen today in this small town in central Portugal.
Now, remains the responsibility of being another Golegã ambassador in the world. Golegã you can count on me!
Thank you very much!