Bayahibe, a caribbean treasure


This time I decided to visit Bayahibe. Since I visited Saona Island (a fantastic island in the south of the Dominican Republic) for the first time, I had been curious to discover that area. So when I arrived in Portugal, after another trip to Punta Cana I did my homework and discovered two resorts in that area, in Bayahibe and La Romana. I opted for Bayahibe, because La Romana is closer to the mouth of the river Chavón, and this means that some times when it rains, there's the possibility of debris coming from the river to reach this place.

On July 18, 2016, we boarded around 3:15 p.m. and at 4:00 p.m. we were taking off to Punta Cana airport. The flight was with Orbest, without much turbulence and with reasonable legroom. The meals were the usual and expected, because I already knew this company of previous trips. At midnight in Portugal, almost seven in the afternoon in the Dominican Republic, we finally landed without major problems.

We chose the Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus cause it seems to be the best option in the area. We stayed in the Block closest to the sea (block 7) and the pool and consequently the further away from the lobby and buffet. Nothing that would cause great inconvenience, since the hotel was rather small and it took us no more than 5 minutes from the room to the lobby (at the other end of the resort). In the evenings the after dinner tours were spectacular, as the gardens and pools were illuminated in an impressive way, in perfect harmony with nature. In regards to the room, this was large and had a very nice decor.

On arrival at the hotel, still in the lobby, we were greeted with a welcome cocktail and the friendliness of the staff. After the check in was completed and the bags were sent to the room it was dinner time. The buffet was varied and presented fairly high quality compared to other resorts I've been to. At the end the fatigue was already tight, but still we went to look at the beach and only then we went to the well-deserved rest.  

The first day started with weak rain that quickly stopped, and so we opted to stay by the pool while my parents went to the usual meeting. To my amazement, the pool was almost empty! And it was not because it was bad or anything else, was quite large and with a very nice structure, even possessing an islet in the middle. It also had a wet bar and the water temperature was ideal for me.

As soon as my parents returned, we went straight to the beach. This is fantastic and much superior to Punta Cana ... Here we are in the Caribbean Sea with the white sand, the coconut trees and the sea turquoise floor so warm! In the middle of the beach, there was also a lighthouse (which I had seen twice, when passing by speedboat and catamaran towards Isla Saona), which is a support bar and that gave a certain joke to the beach! Definitely a Caribbean beach in every way! We can still see why the pool is empty! Hundreds of baby turtles were being released and so the beach was crowded. But after an hour, more or less, everything was normal! We spent the rest of the morning enjoying the beach and in the afternoon we took a few dives in the pool and play a little ping-pong. In the evening after a big family dinner at the buffet we went to rest.

The next day after a good breakfast we went for a little walk to the right side and explore the beach area until some beach tents, right by the sea, which sold "souvenirs". Honestly, I love these places so typical of the Caribbean, full of color and things that symbolize the country itself. Haggling prices is important so we do not get ripped off! The rest of the day was spent snorkeling on the beach, and at the pool, in the jacuzzi and at a few games of ping-pong! At the end of the day we decided to go for a night stroll around the hotel and enjoy that tropical environment ... Simply formidable!

The next day I went to see the sunrise ... It was not one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, given that the sun rises on land, but even then it is always a singular moment to watch this phenomenon, especially in the Caribbean! Later, it was time to snorkel in the corals ... (trick - always take some bread) ... The fish variety was spectacular and you could still see a moray eel ... But I was very willing! Before lunch, there was still time to participate in various games provided by the entertainment, which was simply spectacular throughout my stay, very good mood, energy and fun! From the "Boss" Eliezer to Richard Gil to Wendie Delgado (excuse me the ones I've already forgotten) ... All good people with very positive energy! We'll definitely see each other again!

In the evening we decided to try the La Guleta (steak house) restaurant, dishes with excellent presentation and very tasty meat. Everything was ok!

The next day, after a photographic session on the beach, we went for another walk, this time to the left side of the beach, towards a few stalls by the beach. In front of the stalls, the water was a magnificent blue ... Almost unreal ... The landscape was breathtaking! After some shopping we returned to the hotel to enjoy the beach and once again had fun with the animation.

It was no longer the first time we visited the Dominican Republic. And as such, we had already made several excursions, for example we had already visited Cap Cana, the highlands of Chavón, Isla Saona twice, Isla Catalinita, the national park of the Haitises, Samaná, las Terrenas ... but I still lacked a part essential of this beautiful country, the interior! I needed to know a little better about what the daily life of that population is like and visit the mountains.

So, the next day we left around 08.00 a.m. from the hotel towards a sugar cane plantation. There are hundreds and hundreds of acres full of sugarcane ... The plantation owners are North American companies that export sugar to the US. Most of the population that works in these fields resides in small "pueblos" together and are from Haiti. For each ton catch, workers receive only four to five american dollars ... very little for those who work all day in the sun in the middle of the plantation ... With an incredible temperature and humidity. The children ran next to our bus asking for candy ... it is in these little things that sometimes we see the luck that we have ... we follow the way. We passed through a small typical locality, like so many others, where we can see the typical dominican slaw, meat to be sold outdoors, dominican frut shop, fruit for sale spread throughout the floor, bikes everywhere ... with two, three, four, five passengers ... What a mess but that´s de dominican way and it works!- LOL. After a while we arrived at the tobacco factory ... We could see how the cigars are made manually. We also went through a selection of typical drinks from both the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic, such as the famous Mamajuana (one third of rum, one third of red wine and one third of honey). After that we went for a horse ride... in a rural area. I mean some horses are automatic, with no buttons and are just like ponies !! LOL ... After this beautiful experience we follow a dirt road full of curves in the middle of the mountains. The vegetation was amazing! Everything around us was painted in different shades of green. We then arrived at Maria's house, a lady who currently uses her house and garden as a tourist spot. Even before entering we were able to get in touch with cocoa beans and coffee (from the lady's garden) and we could smell the food that was on fire ... Then, as we entered, we soon noticed the simplicity of the house, and I remembered how scary it must be to be in that place when hurricanes are passing by ... In the yard we were shown various types of fruit in the trees, such as pineapple, coffee, cocoa ... And also how you can make homemade chocolate powder from cocoa ... And the method is approved (LOL) !! We could also try some products made in that farm! More natural was impossible! At the end of the visit we followed the path through the jungle to the place where we went to lunch. The lunch, as expected, was very pleasant and in an atmosphere typical of the interior of the island. It followed the Basilica of Higuey,(Cathedral Basilica Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia). This Basilica is quite tall and imposing and the ladies have to cover their legs with skirts that they distribute at the entrance ... After this we return to the hotel.

In the evening it was the time to try the restaurant La Gueisha (Japanese). The initial show was very good and just so worth it! Unfortunately we chose the main course ... Lack of experience !! LOL and neither of us ate what the chef cooked on the grill ... But the dishes were still very well made.

In the end time to have a cocktail in the lobby.

The next day, more of the same, because the life around here is very hard. LOL ... Beach, animation and much, much rest! At the buffet dinners I emphasize beyond the quality and variety, that there were three or four times lobster for fans. I also emphasize the sympathy of one of the cooks, Antonio who every day had a little chat with me and served me some divine prawns. (Thanks Antonio!)

On the 25th we chose to spend the morning in a great photo shoot, snorkling and some games on the beach. In the afternoon we enjoyed the pool, (usually we did beach in the morning and afternoon pool, since the animation was very strong in the morning on the beach and afternoon in the pool).

The next day would be another normal day of rest if it was not an afternoon foam party in the pool! Amazing! A lot of fun, music and diversion ... In fact the animation was TOP. After much fun there was still time for a few more dives on that fantastic beach, and some games of ping-pong and basketball. On the last night unlike what happened throughout our stay, there was queue to enter the buffet and there was a big mess ... Everyone wanted to move ahead ... An unnecessary situation, but everything was resolved with the professionalism of Carlos.

The last day arrived. It was time to say goodbye to everyone. I got up very early to go see one more time the sunrise and then went to take the last dives and participate in the last games on the beach. After lunch we headed towards to Punta Cana airport. After an 8 hour flight (almost always sleeping - LOL) we were back home, a little bit tired and already wishing for a return soon. See you soon Eliezer!

*The Images are all mine and do not have any type of editing.