Praia do Forte - Bahia, Brazil


Finally came the time, I visited Brazil!

After years waiting finally I visited Brazil for the first time. After some research the hotel chosen was 70 km north of Salvador da Bahia, more precisely in Praia do Forte area, at the Iberostar Bahia hotel.

This time the flight was with TAP and nothing to say ... very quiet with plenty of space for legs, individual monitor, movies to choose from, all top.

After a long flight (about 10 hours), when we were almost landing, the first impression is brutal! We have a favela top view... here ... called DDC, Disordered Development Communities. Is an incredible vision!

I will not talk much about the hotel, cause it's similar to Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus (see my post about Bayahibe, R.D.). The fauna and flora here are fantastic, being the ideal place to observe curious little monkeys that always are searching for food, turtles, whales, etc, all depending on the time of year.

For those who  are coconut fans, (like me) this is the paradise! Here you can it drink fresh every morning. Be noted that here we are on the Coconut Coast ... All mornings i respected the tradition of drinking a fresh coconuts on the beach or in the pool. It was a must to me! ... LOL

These were my partners who visited us every day. They live in the hotel. The main road that connects Salvador to our hotel, have some superior passages made only for them. A good example of how nature is respected here.

Handicrafts made from coconut

The water in the beach next to the hotel, did not surprise me, being pure Atlantic has some areas with waves and others with sea floor. The water temperature is quite warm (maybe near 27ºC / 28ºC).

As we were near the Praia do Forte we performed several tours over there, always by the sea and enjoying to take large baths in natural pools , taking advantage of the natural beauty of this place that reminded me the Caribbean sea.

Leaving the Hotel we were advised to always make this tours towards Praia do Forte, because to the left side, towards Imbassaí, the way wasn't completely safe for tourists like us.


In Praia do Forte we can visit the Tamar Project. The Tamar Project, is internationally recognized as one of the most successful experiences of marine conservation and serves as a model for other countries. TOP!


In addition Praia do Forte is an ideal place to buy some souvenirs from handicrafts, paintings or even the famous "Hawaianas" (brazilian sandals) at crazy prices. LOL


Salvador da Bahia was the first capital of Brazil, between 1549 to 1763. It is a city that has about 3 million inhabitants. For being a Portuguese ex-colony, Brazil presents lots of details that remind us Portugal. The first thing you see when you arrive at Salvador, (as the last when leave), are the slums surrounding the city as far as the eye can see.  Predominant orange tones combined with bright colors remind us that here the reality is different from what we're used to see. Feeling a mixture of something like respect and awe.

Farol da Barra, or St. Anthony's Lighthouse is located within the Fort Santo Antonio da Barra. It was built in 1698.

Is considered the oldest lighthouse in America!

Mercado Modelo was opened in 1912 and is the ideal place to buy crafts, food and souvenirs of Salvador. The prices are interesting here. Is one of the main tourist attractions of the city.

Lacerda Elevator was opened in 1873 as the first elevator in the world to serve as public transport.  It is also one of the symbols of the city of Salvador. He calls the square Tomé de Sousa in the Cidade Alta (Pelourinho) until the Cayru Square in lower town (near the Mercado Modelo). At the top of its towers we have a privileged view of Baia de todos os Santos, the Mercado Modelo and the Forte de São Marcelo. It's 72 meters high!

Pelourinho, this area is considered the center of the (old) city but seems to be disconnected from the rest of the city, because it has nothing in common. The Pelourinho was considered as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco in 1985 and is one of the main top spot in Salvador. There are restaurants, handicraft shops, churches, cultural centers, old houses in colonial style and the batuque of the Olodum. The atmosphere you feel is very positive. TOP!

São Francisco de Assis Church
São Francisco de Assis Church

Church of Senhor do Bonfim, the one of the colored ribbons!

The Senhor do Bonfim Church was built between 1746 and 1754 and is one of the most visited tourist spots in the city. Senhor do Bonfim is an icon of the Bahian faith. The origin of the famous ribbon of Senhor do Bonfim refers to an old tradition with more than 200 years. In front of the church, in the railing that surrounds it, devotees tie ribbons and make the three requests for the Lord of Bonfim. I did it too! LOL

Mangue Seco, Tieta do Agreste land!

The last beach in the state of Bahia, on the border with Sergipe state. Mangue Seco was famous for being the place where the novel -Tieta do Agreste- was filmed based on the famous novel of Jorge Amado.

To get to Mangue Seca, we had to do 240 km along the coast from Praia do Forte along the green line (road that starts at Salvador airport and until Praia do Forte is called Coconut Road, them from here to its end in Mangue Seco already in the limit with the state of Sergipe is called Green Line Road.

The Mangue Seco village, whose official name is Santa Cruz da Bela Vista, view from the real river.

Great machines waiting for us!

The dunes and coconut trees where Tieta made history and the endless beach are the great attractions that stretch for 30 km surrounded by the sea and the Real river.

The Real river seen from the top of the dunes with Mangue Seco in the background.

Mangue Seco population does not exceed 200 habitants and thus gives an idea of the exclusivity of this zone, being the last beach in the extreme north of the Bahia coast. Around here the buggy rides through the dunes and by boat trips are the main attractions.

In the end of the day the sensation i fell was like someone who had been on another era and gone back in time a lot of years. It was a strange feeling maybe like visiting Cuba ...  

Finally the return, but with a promise of one day i will  come back!