As a photography fan, I look for special moments, animals, or pretext for a good photo. Sometimes, in addition to my travels, I go out into the street with high expectations, trying to capture moments and the world around me through my camera. I do not intend with this blog to influence or fall into common places, but rather to give my perspective on the places that I visit. Here I leave my vision of the world around me.

7 sailboats, 11 stages, more than 80 000 km, these are some photos of another passage of the Volvo Ocean Race by Lisbon in 2017-2018 edition , before the departure for Cape Town.

Autumn colors


Sometimes, even though the days are smaller, autumn colors do not lose their beauty. Here are some examples.



For these photography I only needed a glass of water, strawberries and a lot of patience. I hope you like it!